If We Would Think "God First", We would not end up in Sin

Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening Fam,

How often do we question the thoughts that attempt to gain entrance into our lives? (Is this God The Father speaking or not?) We should always be interested in knowing this information otherwise we may find ourselves making a precipitate action without God Almighty’s approval. Once The Father sanctions your movement, nothing else matters. But the question remains, did he give the approval? Every thought must be looked upon judiciously. We do this by finding out if the thought we are entertaining or the information that someone just planted in our head, through casual conversation, is actually of God. We must certainly know if the thought seeking entrance is in keeping with The Word of Elohim. For the action that ensues must first be permitted and if not, we must separate ourselves immediately from that thought and forgo the action. Let me preface this by saying, I’m not questioning if we done this, for I assure you that we all have moved presumptuously, in reference to God’s will, on many occasions. However, I am intimating that we can lessen these failed attempts (indicated by having to say I’m sorry Father) by finding out if what we intend to do is actually the will of God Most High. If it is not an approved thought we can quickly eliminate an unnecessary action and omit an apology. We should think, “God first,” before acting. If not, we may find ourselves (in sin) traveling a precipitous gorge whose walls will not allow a return without the aid of God Almighty. Find out whether or not this new thought is from God and act accordingly.

Much Love,

Pastor Ken (P.K.)