It's Reaping Time

Good morning, Good afternoon, and Good evening children of The Most High God.  It is so good to be able to greet you and it is of the utmost importance that I do.

It is reaping time. So be cautious and concise about what you allow to be spoken. Whether people desire it to be so or not, prepare yourself to witness the reality of what others have sown. Unbeknownst to you, people have been sowing their entire life and those seeds they have sown are about to come upon them. Remember, you will never get between a man (his/her) and their seed. What has been sown will also be reaped. So from this day until it’s time to go home remember: get forgiveness, keep your mouth, and say only what you desire to have. No more and no less. Also remember, The word of God that is conceived in the heart of man, formed by the tongue of man and spoken by the mouth of a man is the creative power of God Most High. Those spoken words today possess the same creative power as the words that ALMIGHTY GOD spoke when he said in the beginning, “LET THEIR BE”. You will only have what you say…so say only and exactly what you want to have.

I love you all and be blessed.

Pastor Ken (P.K.)